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Posted by Marshaleen King, MD on Jul 27, 2017 3:16:14 PM

MMIC_physician_computer.jpgFive ways to use social media to your advantage and become a social doctor:

  1. A new practice can use social media to help build a positive reputation and increase visibility. Many patients use social media and online reviews to help them find physicians. Ensuring that physicians in a new practice have a presence on physician review sites enhances the likelihood that the physicians will be visible to patients searching online for healthcare providers.
  2. Physicians can use Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites to provide health tips for patients. Physicians who offer good advice may experience a growth in their practice as their psots become popular.
  3. Physicians can use social media to share educational material and/or promote medical events and news alerts about medical issues. This will increase the visibility of the physician’s practice and could also result in the growth of their practice.
  4. Physicians can use social media to find out what issues are of greatest concern to their patients and get feedback from patients about their practice. This information can help physicians tailor their practice to meet the specific needs of their patients which improves the likelihood that the practice will receive good patient satisfaction scores.
  5. Physicians can connect with other healthcare providers through social networking sites. Networking in this manner can not only provide physicians with a sounding board for medical issues, but can also lead to the development of collaborative relationships.


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