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MagMutual Introduces Shoulder Dystocia App

Posted by Bill Kanich, MD on Jul 18, 2017 1:00:00 PM

MMIC_Physician_iPad.jpgOver the past ten years, MagMutual has spent an estimated $15 million dollars defending cases involving shoulder dystocia and associated complications. While the majority of these cases involved quality medical care, they were frequently difficult to defend because important aspects of the delivery were not recorded or were only partially documented in the medical record.

In order to ensure our PolicyOwners have the best possible defense,  several members of the MagMutual Board of Directors and Claims Committees, in conjunction with MagMutual’s Patient Safety team, developed an App to walk the practitioner through the documentation steps to consider when a shoulder dystocia case is encountered.  Details such as naming which shoulder is anterior, delivery maneuvers utilized, and who is in the room during the delivery  are important to both accurately reflect the delivery process and create a complete, robust record of the delivery, but can be forgotten in the stress of the moment.

In addition to the App, there is a corresponding wall poster.  The poster, available to order through the App, will remind all members of the delivery team of the importance of documenting details of the delivery.

The App is currently available through the iPhone App store and the Android Marketplace.  There is no charge for this App and it is available to all practitioners, not just MagMutual PolicyOwners.

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