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Developing Resilience and Avoiding Physician Burnout, Part Three

Posted by Marshaleen King, MD on Apr 25, 2017 12:30:00 PM


Self-Care as a Path to Resilience

Resilient persons typically engage in positive thinking and are willing to face challenges. They seldom get frustrated when problems arise and they usually rebound from adversity. Although some people believe resilience is innate, this trait can be developed using a number of techniques. Self-care is a central component ofdeveloping resilience. Caring for yourself includes nurturing your personal interests as well as nourishing your mind, body and soul. Ironically, some of the traits that prove helpful in advancing one’s career are the same traits that lead to physician burnout if taken to the extreme. For example, an individual who is altruistic and compassionate is prone lose a sense of self and develop compassion fatigue. A person who is a perfectionist and high achiever is prone to low self-esteem and workaholic tendencies.

One of the most useful strategies to develop resilience and avoid burnout is being self-aware and making time for self-care. Below are self-care recommendations for increasing resilience and reducing the likelihood of burnout.

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