Mutual Matters

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Accessing and Amending Medical Records

Top Ten Hard to Diagnose Diseases

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The Non-Adherent Patient

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Guidelines for Telemedicine Policies and Procedures

HIPAA: Key Areas Where Problems Occur

Don’t Make Your Patient a Victim: When Doctors Criticize Other Doctors

Treating Employees, Family Members and Yourself

Communication Errors in Surgery

Patients Recording Interactions with Their Physicians

The Importance of an Accurate Problem List for Patient Safety and Care

Talking to Patients About the Errors of Other Clinicians

How to Protect and Fix a Physician’s Online Reputation

The Process of Creating and Sharing Treatment Plans with Patients

Improving Handoffs, Improving Patient Safety

MagMutual Partners with Wolters Kluwer to Provide UpToDate Clinical Decision Support to All Policy Owners

Communication and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Florida Workers Compensation Rates Expected to Rise

Reducing your risk when patients leave against medical advice

The Superbug Threat

Who’s responsible for patient compliance and follow-up?

Naloxone Legislation to Help Prevent Opioid Overdoses

Healthcare and the New Overtime Rule

Less than 30 Days Until OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Rules Go Into Effect

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Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

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Managing Your Cyber Risk

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